Personal Coaching

Need a helping hand? Want help sorting through your goals or making your routines effective? Not sure how to implement all the valuable principles you feel would benefit you? Does the thought of looking forward to your daily responsibilities and schedule sound good to you?

Would you like to draw on another resource in your personal growth efforts? Are your current planning tools not quite doing the job?

Let’s talk about the possibilities for one-on-one coaching in time management, goal-setting, and/or organization.

  • We can meet once for a jumpstart or regularly over time for gradual implementation.
  • Discussions can be in-person or via phone or videoconference.
  • The coaching will be specific to your situation and your expressed needs.
  • Pricing is negotiable, and bartering is welcome.

If you are interested in discussing the opportunity further, please send an email to

Thank you!




“I have known Kim for years and always go to her for productivity/organization advice. She has been working with me on time management and systems to put into place to help me make the most of my time. She is the one who helped start my journey from being a late riser to becoming an early riser. She is the reason I now have an organized pocketbook, clearly defined goals and priorities, and a drive to be more intentional. I have learned so much from her. She is very patient, caring, and full of wisdom. She always makes me feel comfortable and never awkward. Kim is the real deal, and I highly recommend her!” — Courtney

“I am typically an organized person when it comes to “stuff,” but showing up to events on time…or at all…had become a challenge over the last several years. The other thing that had become a massive, huge, out of control problem was commitments. Not because I didn’t want to honor those commitments, but because I couldn’t remember ANYTHING anymore. Life in general was overwhelming me. I needed Superwoman (Kim…shhh) to rescue me! Kim sat down with me and walked me through how to use my planner… Think you already know? I thought I did too! She gave me numerous tips that were so very practical that I was shocked I hadn’t applied these things before. She took me day by day throughout one entire month and helped me set up daily “must dos” in order to maintain my insane schedule. I’ve been applying these sensible things, and I have been so much less stressed; it is unbelievable! I can’t believe I didn’t ask her for help sooner!!! THANK YOU, KIM!!!” — Dana